Fishing Lakes


Dunfanaghy Angling Association has control of a number of lakes the in the area.  These are the New lake, the Port lake and the Sessiagh lake.

New Lake

This lake was formed in 1918 when a storm caused an arm of the sea to be cut off by shifting dunes.  The lake is 230 acres which has good feeding and a large supply of wild brown trout averaging 1 pound and some in excess of 4 pounds.  The lake fishes best in May, June and September. No shore fishing - boat only.

Port Lake

This lake is 75 acres in size and is set in the mountains three miles from Dunfanaghy.  The waters are alkaline as the lake nestles on an outcrop of limestone.  The lake has a big stock of free rising brown trout averaging half pound with fish up to 2 pound.


Sessiagh Lake

This is a connoisseur's lake.  The waters are alkaline and clear and has a good stock of large spotted wild trout averaging one and a quarter pounds with fish up to 4 pounds.  The best time to fish here is the spring and autumn.  Bank fishing is good all round the lake and boats are available.